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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heart To Heart

Heart To Heart

I have been doing much praying on the course this blog should be taking and have received much guidance. My heart is pulled between my Indian side which talks with the Great Spirit and my Christian side that talks with God. I have come to the understanding they are one in the same. I believe in the Light of Love and we are all connected. That is the way my prayers are directed. I know when I pray I talk with my Grandmother which is on the other side. I believe she is helping guide me and protect me.

I hope to connect with many woman that are on the same path. As a Grandmother my self, I feel the need to share the wisdom I have learned through my journey in this life and wish to connect with others all over the world. The web of light will bring all of us together to create positive energy here on Mother Earth.

Myself and other Grandmothers here in the middle of Michigan have started a group for Grandmothers and other woman to come together to pray for the world. Mother Earth is in need of female energy to keep her in balance.

Male energy has controlled for far too long, which is power and money. Let us come together as powerfull female energy and pray for our world.  So many are in need of love and are hurting inside. Let us help one another and listen to one another by sharing each others journeys.

If you are feeling the same things as we do in our circle of woman please let us know or find out how you can attend one of our gatherings.

Love and Light,
Grandmother Betty

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